Nutrition Priorities Pyramid

As a female martial artist, your nutrition should be set up in such a way that it fuels your activities of daily life and your martial arts training. Meeting these demands will keep you healthy, fit and performing.

The priorities below are the pillars of good performance nutrition but people often place importance in the wrong areas! Getting caught up in the latest trendy supplement or timing their morning coffee down to the very second etc. The reality is, that until you have your absolute basics and fundamentals nailed down, these minute details don't matter.

What are these foundations?

πŸ”‘ Sustainability. There is literally no point in trying to adopt a nutritional strategy that does not fit in with your lifestyle. Think a busy working mom being told to eat freshly prepared meals every 2 hours. Sounds great, realistic? Nope!

πŸ– Calories. YOU ALL UNDERSHOOT YOUR CALORIES! Calculate your calories based on your metrics and activity levels. Use an online calculator to work out your BMR. You can then create small deficits or surplus from there if body recomposition is your goal. Undereating will catch up with you eventually in the form of RED-S. (See my other blog post on RED-S Syndrome).

🍚 Macro & Micro Nutrients. Now that we have a sustainable calorie level, we can start to tune your nutrition for optimal performance with the correct macronutrients for your sport. Getting the composition of your meals correct will help hugely alongside …

⏰ Meal timing. Timing your meals correctly around training will skyrocket your performance and recovery.

πŸ’Š Supplements. There are so many great supplements out there and some of them are a great help to athletes, especially for helping with some menstrual symptoms. BUT you can’t eat like a toddler set free in a sweet shop and expect your 5g of creatine to solve all of your issues! Whole foods first, supplements as backup!

As always, if you found this helpful, please share and let's spread the word of good nutrition to all our sisters!!😊

If you want to work with me to nail this down, I have only a few spots left to get going before the end of 2023!! Reach out ASAP.

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