Why do you need a female-specific sports Nutritionist?

Why is there a need for a female specific fight Nutritionist?

As more and more women are participating in combat sports, making weight is becoming a hot topic. Old school techniques that are outdated and frankly dangerous are still being touted. There are also extra risks for female athletes with dire hormonal and health consequences from manipulating body mass dangerously.

People in the industry are negligently applying science that was researched on men to their female athletes. This is resulting in athletes not only missing weight but not performing to their best and worse still having long term health implications. Every time you make weight in an extreme and unhealthy way you are making your next weigh in harder and shortening your career, besides putting your health on the line.

Anyone can starve and dehydrate an athlete to get them to reach a certain weight. The goal of the Female Fight Nutritionist is to give female combat athletes the knowledge and power to make weight safely and then go on to win! This is science and experience based performance nutrition, keep the bro science for the bros!

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